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"Nine-tenths of wisdom consists in being wise at the right time." (T.Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States)


The founder of Confere Law Firm is attorney-of-law Kersti Kägi, who has worked as a lawyer for over 25 years. Our law firm strength is our long-term experience of legal advice and representation in court proceedings in most areas of law. We value professionalism, thoroughness, quality, rationality and are guided by those values in our work. If necessary, we cooperate with specialists in various other fields and colleagues from other law firms.


Property law

Real rights are ownership (right of ownership) and restricted real rights: servitudes, real encumbrances, right of superficies, right of pre-emption and right of security. We advise on various matters of property law, help prepare necessary legal documents and represent in disputes related to real estate.

Tax law and tax disputes

Knowledge of legislation regulating taxation and practical skills in tax procedures allow us to assess which topics are of most interest to tax authorities. We advise and represent you in dealings with the tax authority. We help prepare a dispute or complaint against the tax authoritiy’s order, tax decision or other documents, and we represent in tax proceedings and administrative courts.

Insolvency. Bankruptcy and reorganisation

Bankruptcy means the insolvency of a debtor declared by a court ruling. A debtor is insolvent if
the debtor is unable to satisfy the claim of a creditor that has fallen due and such inability, due to
the debtor’s financial situation, is not temporary. We help prepare bankruptcy warning and bankruptcy petition to the court, advice and represent company’s and persons in bankruptcy
procedures and court matters.
Reorganisation is the application of measures to a private legal entity to overcome the
entrepreneur’s economic difficulties, restore its liquidity, improve profitability and ensure
sustainable management.

Medical law. Provision of health services

Medical law regulates the rights and obligations of healthcare providers and patients. Our law firm has advised and represented both sides, the health care provider and the patient, in resolving disputes arising from the provision of health care services.

Family Law

Family law regulates the relationship between spouses, the relationship between parents and
children, parents’ obligations towards the child, obligation to support, etc. That is why family law is one of the most delicate and emotionally complex areas of law. Our law firm advises and represents clients in all matters of family law, helps prepare necessary legal documents and represents clients in negotiations with third parties and in court.

Inheritance law

Succession (inheritance) is the transfer of the property of a person upon his or her death to another person. The will and inheritance agreement and other inheritance-related actions are notarized by a notary, but we can advise on inheritance actions. We also advise on receiving an inheritance, determining the obligations of the testator and dividing the inheritance, and we help to find a notary to perform inheritance actions.

Enforcement proceedings

Enforceable titles are stipulated in Code of Enforcement Procedure. More commonly known are various fines imposed by state and municipal authorities, court decisions and regulations and other enforcement documents. We help prepare the enforcement application, advise and represent
in solving all issues related to the enforcement procedure.

Labour law

Labour law is a field that determines the rights and obligations of employees and employers in the employment relationship. We advise and represent employers and employees in labor dispute committee and courts. We help draw up employment contracts and review existing employment
contracts and documents required in the employment relationship and advise on their implementation.

Obligations law

The subject of obligations law is contract law and non-contructual obligations.

Contract law regulates legal relations between parties based on contracts. Non-contractual obligations are obligations that arise in a different way than as a result of a contract. A non- contractual obligation is the public promise to pay, negotiorum gestio, unjustified enrichment, unlawful causing of damage. We advise and represent in the fulfillment of contracts and in solving problems arising in other obligation related relationships.

Business law

Private limited company, public limited company, general partnership, limited partnership or commercial association is an  association of persons under private law that is created to achieve a certain goal. We advise and help resolve issues that arise within the company’s daily economic activities. We represent the establishment of companies, the company’s documentation when
making changes resulting from the law, and when entering changes into the business register.

Resolution of disputes. Administrative and civil legal proceedings

The resolution of disputes in administrative and civil cases of various fields is part of the activities of our law firm. More than 25 years of participation in litigation in various matters in the field of administrative and private law has given us invaluable experience in finding the best solution for the protection of the client’s interests. At the same time, we can state from our experience that the interests of the disputing parties are guaranteed in the most optimal way as a result of negotiations and there is no need for court proceedings.

Kersti Kägi vandeadvokaat

Kersti Kägi


Kersti started working as an attorney in 1997 by representing companies and individuals in tax proceedings. Along with tax matters came consulting and representation in civil matters. To date, Kersti has a long and successful career as an attorney in both administrative and civil court proceedings and some experience in economic criminal proceedings. Kersti advises clients in property law, debt law, labor law, family law, matters related to the provision of healthcare services, association law. Also in insolvency matters, cooperating with recognized bankruptcy trustees.

In her free time from lawyering, Kersti likes to spend time with her family and friends, visit cinemas and theaters, read books, engage in folk sports, or take a walk in the forest.


Estonian, Russian, English

Lisette Põld


Lisette has obtained a master’s degree in law at the University of Tartu. When it comes to law, Lisette likes to create consistent practical solutions, especially in civil cases, among other things related to the protection of intellectual property and trade secrets. The ability to connect both the voice of the mind and the voice of the heart to problem solving ensures her determination and a goal oriented action plan. The legal landscape offers Lisette opportunities to realize her boundless interest and passion for solving legal matters. In addition, Lisette has acquired experience in in a certification body related to the field of business landscape, providing certification of management systems according to any standard.

In her spare time, Lisette does weight and strength training, swimming and enjoys being in the fresh air in the woods.


Estonian, English

Lisette Põkd

Key goals

Confere Law Firm started its operations in January 2023. The founder of Confere Law Firm is Kersti Kägi, an attorney-at-law, who has over 25 years of experience as a lawyer and attorney-at-law. Our strength is long-term legal advice and experience of representation in court proceedings. Our priority in providing legal services to the client is professionalism, thoroughness, and quality. If necessary, we also cooperate with specialists from other areas of life and colleagues from other law firms, which allows us to achieve the best possible result in solving your question or problem. In order to achieve the goal, we also constantly improve our knowledge and skills. We provide legal advise in Estonian, English, Russian.

If you need advice and help in the aforementioned areas, please send your question to the general email of our office at info@conferelaw.ee and we will answer you as soon as possible.



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